Sadly my YouTube days are likely behind me. I tried hard the past couple years to muscle through doing some long-play retro video games from my childhood. It has not gone too well.

My main issue is time. I just don’t seem to have the time to edit and post videos. The production aspect really takes up a good chunk of time. Between real life and my passion for other hobbies that includes retro gaming, I just find it very hard to set aside hours of time per week to produce YouTube videos.

Throwing In The YouTube Towel For Now

For the long term, at least until I retire, I will not be posting much of anything to YouTube. I will of course continue to set aside time to play retro video games every week, just not any time for producing and uploading videos.

I did manage to complete three long plays video series for the following games:

If curious to check out any of those videos you can head over to my YouTube Channel.

Sadly I started two games I really wanted to finish, but just couldn’t find the time: Hard Nova for the Amiga, and The Legend of Blacksilver for the C64.

My Personal Goals

I have a pretty good size game list going on. All of the games listed there I legally owned copies of. I loved collecting game boxes and really loved game box art. Anyway, many of those games… in fact by far most of them I played very little and just barely scratched the surface of them.

I want to go back and focus on many of those games. The goal is to play an win, especially the Adventure/RPG games. So that is my focus between now and when I retire in ten years. I really want to jump into those games and experience them to their fullest.

So many times I read people’s brief reviews of games and I lament I never played them much even though I owned them. As an example, The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. I hardly ever played those games, and they are beloved classics to retro gamers.

I feel like I am missing out on something by not having played them. That needs to be corrected.

The Secret of Monkey Island

I  am going to start of by playing the number one voted game over on Lemon Amiga, The Secret of Monkey Island.

I will be playing it on my Raspberry Pi 400 using FS-UAE as my emulator.