It wasn’t long after I started up this website and YouTube content that I ditched it and went off to work on a different website and YouTube project.

I left URS and started a website and channel that focused on playing mostly Roblox.  Between May and November 2020 I created and built up a YouTube channel that catered interest a couple of my grandkids had.  The channel did well.  As of right now I am at 1020 subs.

But, that other channel (Asgard Yorkipoo), as fun as it has been, has also been difficult to create content for.  Roblox is a fun game platform, and it reminds me in some ways of my youth… but is is lacking something for me.

And so here I am now, coming back to URS and my love for retro gaming.

Many Interest

I have many interest and hobbies, and they take up a lot of time.  My interest in many hobbies wax and wane, and retro gaming is like that with me.  For some reason in the late Autumn and into Spring I get the urge to retro game.  So, I am planning on coming back to making some retro gaming vids and posts.