The Hardware

On this page I am listing out the various retro hardware I have owned and may still own.  Of course I do have some modern PC equipment that is not listed below.  The list cuts off at 2004.

While I do own modern PC equipment, I do not own any modern consoles.  The most recent console purchase in my position is an Atari Flashback, which is listed below.  Before that it was the Sega Genesis.

For a list of the games, click here:  The Games.

The Hardware:

  1. Atari 2600:  I am hazy on the exact year my family got one of these, I think it was 1980 or 1981.
  2. TSR 80 Color Computer 2 (64k model):  1984 to 1986.
  3. Commodore 128:  Christmas 1986!
  4. Nintendo (NES):  1987 (dabbled with it for about two month then back to Commodore).
  5. Commodore Amiga 500:  1989 Christmas!  With a full meg of internal RAM, and an extra side slot mount of another 512K.
  6. Intel 486 PC:  1995.  Because I wanted to play Doom and Star Wars Dark Forces.  I foolishly gave away my Amiga system… hind-site is a harsh and brutal mistress.
  7. Sega Genesis:  1996. I bought this used from a buddy for $20 and still have it. Primary use was to play Golden Axe.
  8. PCs:  been buying and upgrading since that first Intel 486 in 1995 to present.
  9. Emulation:  Around 2002 I started messing around with Commodore emulators and still do to this day.
  10. Atari Flashback I:  2004.
  11. Raspberry Pi:  In 2019 I got into using a Raspberry Pi along with RetroPie to bring retro gaming to my big screen TV.
  12. Raspberry Pi 400:  Purchased a Pi 400 in the Spring of 2021, it runs Amikit! Amikit really gives the Pi400 a modern Amiga feel.
  13. TheC64:  Christmas 2021 my wife got me TheC64 from Retro Games Ltd. Wow… awesome. I felt some nostalgia back to 1986 when I got the C128.
  14. Nintendo Switch OLED:  I am more than surprised that I bought this (July 2022), but I wanted it to play some retro console games I missed out on playing from the 80s into the 90s.
  15. A500 Mini: Early Christmas present to myself (Mid December 2022), I purchased the A500 Mini from Retro Games Ltd. Love this little piece of hardware!

All of my Atari 2600, C64, and Amiga retro gaming is done via emulation, since I don’t own any original hardware. I have been keeping my eyes open for original hardware and plan to buy it when it crosses my path. So for no joy.

Check out the emulators I use by clicking here:  Emulation