A few years ago I started a blog and side hobby making retro style games using Construct 2 & 3 as well as RPG Maker MV.  It was fun.  But it was also time consuming.  I actually managed to make one complete mini platform game called Temple of the Lost using Construct 2.  Shortly after that I made an RPG game for a friend at work using RPG Maker and named it Drew’s Dumb-ass Adventure.

Screen shot from Temple of the Lost.

Screen shot from Temple of the Lost.

If you click this link you can play Temple of the Lost in your browser: Temple of the Lost

Lots of fun but highly time consuming.  I had a handful of other games in the works but ran into snags along the way.  Those snags and my limited time to actually work on them got in the way of progress.  As such that earlier Upstairs Room Software blog site died away and never got renewed.

What’s In A Name?

The name Upstairs Room Software was derived from the fact that all of the members of the group had their computers located in their bedrooms… which were all on the 2nd floor of their homes.  Yep, it’s that simple.

Upstairs Room Software Is Back

But here we are, March 25th 2020.  The Covid 19 virus is a global pandemic and here in Wisconsin we are being ordered to stay at home.  Non essential businesses have been closed down.  Some people have lots of free time.  Not so much me, as my day job is an essential business in the medical manufacturing sector…

But, I still am going to have lots of down time at home because getting out and doing stuff has been nixed.

So here I am restarting Upstairs Room Software blog site.  Why?  For what purpose?  Keep reading.

Why & For What Purpose

I am not planning on trying to make any retro style games.  Facing reality, as much as I would love to do that, I just don’t have that time in my hands.  What I do plan on using this site for is sharing videos and blogs of my retro game playing.

That’s right, I plan to record and share video of some of the retro games I play.

It should be lots of fun to watch, I hope.  I’m 46 as I write this.  I am not well practiced in retro game playing.  These days I play a lot of slower paced computer games that do not require a lot of hand and eye coordination.  I’m pretty sure I will be embarrassing myself, a lot!