There are certainly a fair amount of retro gaming YouTube channels out there on YouTube.  I’m thinking about adding my own.  Why would I do such a thing, do you ask?  In part for my own enjoyment remembering some of the games I have enjoyed playing, but also for my grandkids.


Yes, for my grandkids.  I know, many people like to start a YouTube channel with the intent of maybe making some money.  Not me.  Well, yeah, that would be cool, but I am realistic and know that it wouldn’t likely happen.  I am not personable enough to get routine followers.

It’s for me and the grandkids.

Retro Gaming & Grandkids

I’m 46 as I write this.  My wife is nine years older (cougar!).  We’ve been together now for eleven years.  When we met she was the mother of 4 grown daughters.  Over the years there have been grandkids born and I got to benefit from being a grandpa.  I love it.

A couple of those kids, one in particular as I write this, who we will call EV, is a HUGE gamer girl at the age of nine.

Starting a YouTube channel focused on gaming, retro gaming in particular, will allow me to remember fun days as a kid playing games on the Commodore computers I owned, but also allow me to share some of my gaming hobby with the grandkids who are coming into it on their own.

Hopefully Sooner Than Later

I have already started an Upstairs Room Software YouTube channel a while ago and put up a couple short videos of a game I had been trying to make.  Those couple videos will stay up on the channel, but moving forward any new content added to that channel will be game play focused.

I am going to start messing around with video editors and ReLive and see what I can come up with for a video.

Hmmm… What should be the first game I create a video on…?  Have to think about that.