Sword of Fargoal came out for the VIC-20 way back in 1982.  It was ported to the Commodore 64 in 1983.  Developed by Jeff McCord, and published by one of my favorite companies (now long gone), Epyx.

I actually purchased Sword of Fargoal in the late 80s just months before I upgraded to the Amiga 500.  One day I was at Mapplewood Mall in Mapplewood, MN… I think I was at B Dalton Bookseller and they had a small computer/software area in the back.  I found the game in a discount bin for under $2 and picked it up.

I never beat the game, but I do recall it being a lot of fun.  Now, in my latest YouTube video I play Sword of Fargoal, level 1.


My plan over winter is play individual levels of the game and post them onto my YouTube channel.  I will create a playlist that features Sword of Fargoal.

To win the game I will need to find the magical sword hidden somewhere in a vast dungeon.  The sword is located somewhere between level 15 and 20.  I will need to have my character battle his way deep into the dungeon, using physical attacks and magic to outsmart the creatures in the dungeon.  Once I find the sword a timer starts in the game, and I will have 33 minutes to escape the dungeon with the sword to win the game.

The levels of course get harder the deeper my character goes, and each level is auto generated – even when going back up a level will auto generate a new dungeon level layout!

Sounds like fun!!!

Here is my first gameplay video, level 1, Sword of Fargoal.

Tim Retro!