Update 11/10/20: Pulled the video!  I decided I want to focus my YouTube channel and this website 98% of retro games only.  That means I am only going to post, mostly, games that are older than fifteen years from whatever the current date is.

For the most part my favorite games that I have played are those that I can delve deeply into creating, or taking control of, a character within a specific gaming world.  For that reason computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs) are at the top of my lists.

Games like The Bard’s Tale: Tales of the Unknown, The Legend of Blacksilver, Wasteland, SSIs Gold Box D&D games, Eye of the Beholder, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Trek Online, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim…  just to name a few that come to mind.

Video games, especially CRPGs, are a great way to escape the daily grind and decompress from the real world.  Then again, so is reading a good book, as well as other legal outlets people have and can utilize.  CRPGs are an excellent way to immerse yourself in another life… within limits of course.  If you are a video gamer you know exactly what I am talking about: video games are a good way to relieve stress and have some fun.

Shogoro – Fortune & Glory!

Starting week three and into four of the ‘safe at home’ order here in Wisconsin amid the Covid 19 Pandemic, I decided to start a new YouTube series to go along with my retro gaming and Classic Quick Play episodes.  It will be called:  Shogoro – Fortune and Glory!

The new series is set in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim video game world.  I will utilize player created add on content, such as environmental conditions that affects the game character and more.  Shogoro is the name of the character I will create to go on adventures with and try to build a life for in the Skyrim game world.

You can check out the first video here:  Shogoro, Fortune & Glory!

Who Is Shogoro?

The fun part for me about creating characters in CRPGs is coming up with a backstory and fleshing out what makes them who they are beyond the pixels and keyboard that controls them.  Creating a character with motives and a personality and then playing that character true to who you made them out to be is lots of fun.

Shogoro – Jack Of All Trades

Shogoro is a male Khajiit who dabbles in swordplay, magic, archery, sneakery, exploration, adventure, and scholarly endeavors.  He is a collector of occult items and bits and pieces of odd information.  He has come to Skyrim to search for a one of the fabled Elder Scrolls in hopes to ‘safely’ study it, and then sell it to the Imperial Library inside the Imperial City.

Shogoro is kind hearted and pragmatic, preferring to tackle problems head on in a logical and practical means with whatever information he knows as fact at the time.  Of course the next day what he thought was fact and what actually turns out to be fact are sometimes two different things… he doesn’t look back in such occasions with regret – he is always looking forward.

Shogoro’s Aspirations

As stated above he would like to track down an Elder Scroll.  That however, is not his only aspiration.  He also would like to create a comfortable home for himself, a place where he can bring the things he finds interesting in his adventures to safely keep and study.

He is infatuated with books and wants to collect as many tomes as he can an maintain a private library.  He is also interested in magical rings and precious stones.

Shogoro’s Greatest Fears

Shogoro is fearful of vampires and werewolves.  He knows they exist and is not so much ‘fearful’ of coming across them in his travels as he is as being infected with their supernatural diseases.  Shogoro will always be very cautious and wary when dealing with anything related to either vampires or werewolves.

Shogoro’s Personality

Shogoro is not much for talking.  He likes to observe and study things and people carefully.  If possible he prefers to be left to his own devices and is not one to travel with other companions, but does make exceptions from time to time.  He doesn’t like to back down from a fight, but knows when it’s time to run away.  His sense of justice is more aligned towards how he feels at a given moment than to any law of the land, but tends to distance himself as much as possible from nefarious activities.

Shogoro tends to be aloof and do things at his own whim.  He does not like being told what to do, and usually only goes along with other peoples’ requests or desires when such things serve some purpose to benefit to himself; whether the benefit be a physical, emotional, or scholarly gain.

He doesn’t take kindly to insults and will only tolerate so much before lashing out.

Racial Consequences

Khajiit tend to be viewed by the other races in Tamriel as schemers and ne’erdowells, and as such not generally trusted.  This is largely due to their secretive nature, their abilities at stealth, and because they are stereotyped as being thieves, spys, and peddlers..  As such Khajiit are often treated with disdain or curtness in many lands beyond their homeland of Elsweyr.

Playing The Game And Sharing On YouTube

I have never played a Khajiit character before, so I am interested in seeing what it is like.  I have also never played Skyrim before using add on mods to enhance the game play experience.

The add on mods that I plan to use (could change) are the following:

  • Frostfall
  • iNeed
  • Wet and Cold
  • (more to come as I implement them)

You can check out the First Episode here:  Shogoro, Fortune & Glory!

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