Just a heads up for any who come across my YouTube channel today, April 21st…  I am doing some video coding testing to see what it takes to make a good looking video high res video games.

I currently have several ‘test’ videos up on YouTube of Skyrim SE messing around with various encoding processes.  Trying to tweak things a bit…

The game videos for Skyrim SE look great when I review them on my computer  – until I load it up to YouTube in then they look all fuzzy and pixilated.  That is annoying.  But looking at other videos on YouTube of high resolution games with lots of graphics being rendered they too have that same fuz look.

Once I figure out what works best for viewing on large screen Smart TVs, I am going to have to go back and restart all over my Skyrim Adventure videos…

UPDATE:  same day as original post – Well, I sure have learned a lot today about recording software, exporting video files, loading video files to YouTube, and a lot about my three TVs at home.

There are some video recording settings that are very important to consider when recording a graphic intensive game, and then there are certain settings you can adjust on your Smart TVs to help those game videos look ever better.

I was never one to mess around with my TV settings too much… but after what I learned today I now have some presets in place for specific types of viewing, be it TV/Cable, Movies, Sports, or Video Games.

UPDATE:  Next Day – So after more and more testing I found some settings that look ‘better’ than what I had originally been putting out on YouTube, but they are still not all the great.  Better, not great.  But being that YouTube compresses the crap out of the files sent to them, high render graphic games like Skyrim are going to look a bit icky.

It’s not just me, it’s pretty much all the other YouTubers recording video of these types of games.