A few years back I supported a Kickstarter Campaign for indie game studio Stirring Dragon Games.  Their project is called Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous.

Unknow Realm is a throwback to the legendary CRPGs from the 1980s that I loved to play the most.  Games such as Legacy of the Ancients, Legend of Blacksilver, and some of those early Ultima games.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign video below.

Doesn’t that look like some serious fun!?  And it will be available when finished for the C64 and PC.

Be sure to head over to STIRRING DRAGON GAMES and tell them I said hi.

Back when the Kickstarter was well under way I pushed hard on my social media accounts to get this game some attention.  Well, those social media accounts have since faltered into lackluster use, and my new accounts are tiny and suck ass…  I doubt many people will see this post… but I don’t care.

If you like classic CRPGs from the 80s, then check out Unknown Realm… it is currently still being developed, but I hope it will soon be available.  I am eagerly looking forward to playing this game.